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Where do I park?

Parking is available in the student lot for $2/day.  Parking vouchers can be obtained from the parking kiosks located in the lot. No parking permit required during the weekend.

Can I pay cash at the door?

Cash tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis. Due to limited seating, we highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance.  No discounts offered at the door.   If paying by credit card, you will need to purchase online.  There are no credit card readers at the gate.

If I leave my seat can I get back inside?

You will receive a wristband at the front gate that allows in and out privileges.

If I come late in the day, do I still have to pay?

Anyone can come watch the remaining matches after 4pm at no charge.

Is there food available or should I pack a lunch?

Yes! There's food you can purchase through the Common Ground Cafe. Around lunch time they usually have someone stationed at the tables next to the courts and they will deliver courtside if you request it! Here's a link to the menu: Over the weekend there will be food trucks with delicious options, as well.

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